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mockthefanbrat's Journal

I glued my head to my desk because of you. . .
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Welcome to mockthefanbrat, a community where you can post your most horrifying and funny stories of stupidity, elitism, fangirlishness/fanboyishness of the bad sort, mindless flames, and more, from the anime/manga/game/jrock/cosplay/sci-fi/fantasy/comic fandoms.

I created mockthefanbrat mostly as a response to a rejection I got from mock_the_stupid that a heavily anime/yaoi themed mock was "boring to those not in that scene." We are that scene, so mock away here.

Membership is granted by approval only, but I'll approve almost anyone, so don't worry about that. I'll only not approve you if you are a blatant troll or seeking to start drama.

Speaking of drama, this is NOT a drama or wank community. If you want one of those, try Fandom Wank or something. We hold to the idea of mock_the_stupid, dramaawesome, and Las Vegas: what is posted here STAYS HERE. I am dead serious about this, unlike the f_w maintainers: if you troll, cyberstalk, defriend, or otherwise seek to harm someone or something based on a post made here, and I find out about it, *YOU ARE BANNED.* No second chances, no "But I was just trying to inflict social punishment."

All posts must be friendslocked. I will not ban for this unless it's a repeated problem (we all make mistakes and forget to lock posts occasionally) but again, this community is for ourselves, not a way to punish others.

That said, have fun and post freely. ^_^